Given the general atmosphere of the Philippines these days, I was prompted to write this letter to the Philippine Daily Inquirer. The paper published it October 18, 2016. Some 2,300 years ago, Aristotle wrote in his Nichomachean Ethics: “Friendship seems to hold states together and lawgivers to care more for it than for justice.” Aristotle […]

The Philippine Daily Inquirer printed a letter I sent to the Editor. Thanks to the Editorial Board for this. I will post that letter here. However, the editors removed a paragraph, which I will also include here. I revised it a little bit also. I was not intending to pass a judgment of the Editors; […]

We’re in the month of May. In some countries like the Philippines, people still observe some traditions during this month to honor Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ: pilgrimages, processions, offering of flowers and praying the Rosary. The Philippine Daily Inquirer published a letter I sent them. It is quite timely because it talks about […]

I’m posting a letter I wrote to the Inquirer which they printed April 13, 2016. This refers to the Inquirer editorial on the fires that hit Mt. Apo (“Mt. Apo in flames,” Opinion, 4/3/16). Although the article focused on the incident of the forest fire possibly caused by some campers, it also mentioned the lack […]

The Inquirer’s Dec. 13 editorial ended with these words: “Impoverished indeed is a nation that does not remember, and does not ensure that its future generations will be more than just a blank slate.” The editorial advocated the writing of the stories of World War II veterans and passing them on to future generations. Indeed, […]

The Philippines is a young democracy. We are still finding ways and systems that best suit the needs of our nation. I wrote a letter to the Inquirer: a suggestion to improve the way we choose our presidents. The paper printed it and here it is. It’s election time again. And the dominant media topic […]

This is a letter I wrote the week after the decision of the US Supreme Court on the Obergefell case. The Inquirer printed it on July 17, 2015. I just hope the LBGT people will understand that I do not wish to discriminate them or to judge them as bad persons. It’s the error and […]