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Proud to be Unique

This letter I wrote to the Inquirer appeared on March 29, 2018. We are talking about divorce again. To begin, let us be clear about what we mean by divorce. By it we understand the dissolution of the marriage bond that is brought about by the decree of a civil court or judge following the […]

Can you dissolve a marriage?

Here’s a letter to the Inquirer that provoked negative feedback (as usual). One person claimed he divorced and is now happily married. Anyway, the letter set off some people thinking about what we can do to protect marriage and help people with their marriage. LEGALIZING DIVORCE Philippine Daily Inquirer 8 Aug 2017 The Inquirer reported […]

Changing Minds

This letter was printed in the February 21, 2016 issue of the Inquirer: Our lawmakers are currently debating on whether to reimpose the death penalty or not. Pro-reimposition proponents argue that the death penalty deters the commission of crimes. But if Fyodor Dostoyevsky were alive today he would probably say that our lawmakers are very […]