Monthly Archives: February 2014

Information or Education?

Some ten years ago, I accompanied a group of high school students to do a “work camp” in a small town, in the western coast of Marinduque, called Gasan. The young boys who joined the camp repainted the physical structure of the public school and did some repairs. I happened to look at the works […]

The Value of a Person

In his letter published in the February 3 issue of Inquirer, Mr. Arthur Buan asked, in reference to the people who suffer the deprivations due to poverty, “Why are we, as a nation, a baby factory? Why the preoccupation to have all these children?” He presented a truly pathetic story of a poor family with […]

Children and Chastity

The headline news of Inquirer’s Jan 19, 2014 issue brought to the nation’s attention the growing incidence of child cybersex activities and crimes in the Philippines. It is very commendable that our law enforcers are doing their best to arrest the perpetrators and promoters of these crimes. We are faced here with crimes committed against […]