Making History or Un-making It

I’m not a United States citizen and so this opinion might not carry any value for Americans. But I think there must be something wrong with the legal system in the United States: how can 5 justices nullify a law (Defense of Marriage Act) crafted, following due constitutional processes, by 342 Representatives, 85 Senators and signed by the President? Even more: how can 5 justices nullify the natural law? The 5 must be gods.

The system has made them into gods. Perhaps the more apt word is: tyrants. Under the guise of justice their ruling is so unjust not only to persons in traditional marriages but also to the same sex couples. By defending their unions (I would not call them marriages because they are not) the 5 justices are condoning sexual acts that are not equal to acts between husband and wife. These latter are dignified while homosexual acts are a disorder. To say they are dignified is a serious aberration.

This does not mean, however, that the persons with homosexual inclinations are undignified. No sir: they are persons who deserve our respect. But if they commit homosexual acts we cannot say that these acts are good. If we defend undignified acts of persons we are not really being just towards them. So these 5 justices are really unjust towards the same sex couples.


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