Victory or Defeat

December 13, 2012 is a historic day for the Filipinos. In the wee hours of the morning, the Philippine House of Representatives approved the much debated Reproductive Health Bill. Many Catholics perceive the event as a defeat of their cause and their efforts aimed at the non-passage of the bill. But perhaps it is not a defeat, at least not yet.

I think we can draw some meaning from this development.

If this bill becomes law then the State might start to rabidly give people contraceptives for free, especially to the poor people. People might receive them but they are free to use them or not. If these persons are Catholics who are faithful and practice their faith they might get these contraceptives and just set them aside. The State cannot force them to use the contraceptive pills or devices.

The passage of the bill is like a calling to the Catholic Church to make its teachings on responsible parenthood and contraception even more understandable and understood for its faithful. If Catholics see the wisdom behind Church teaching, the result can be that there may come a time when it will be Catholic families that have many children. This is happening now in Europe and America.

Naturally, the ones who believe in contraception will not have many children, if they ever have any. Here we can appreciate a process of “natural selection”. After two or three generations it may be the faithful Catholics who will populate the land and the people who practice contraception might just make themselves rare or an “endangered species”.

So it seems that the passage of the RH bill can be construed as a way that “Nature” makes some members of the human race survive while some members will be extinct. The people who believe in contraception may have just signed their “death” or, better said, “extinction” sentence.

This is some food for your thought, my fellow citizens.


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