Monthly Archives: December 2012

Justice and Peace

Here’s another letter I wrote about peace and its relation to justice. In Inquirer’s headline article on September 15, 2011, former US Ambassador Kenney was reported to have sent unclassified memos stating “total victory over the insurgents in the foreseeable future remains unlikely” and “nothing dramatic has changed in the status quo in the long-running […]

Muslims and Peace

Peace seems to be an elusive goal in the Muslim part of our country. Here’s a letter I wrote early in this year that is ending.  It contains some ideas that may help. I recently read the story of Greg Mortenson, an American mountaineer who, in 1993, lost his way coming down from K2, the […]

Who Has the Final Say

I recently had a short exchange of messages with Prof. Randy David, a regular columnist of the Inquirer. I wish to share the ideas with you. Dear Prof. David, I liked your sober and balanced treatment of this delicate question about Church-State relations as regards the passage of the RH Bill into law. My personal […]

Helping the Poor

Poverty is a very complex problem. The solutions to it are not piecemeal and isolated. I wrote this comment more than a year ago. I think the suggestions are still relevant. In his column entitled “Targeting Poverty Assistance Right” (Inquirer 3/29/11) Cielito Habito raised the question “Why is it that decades of determined work and […]

Your Gun or Your Life

The deplorable massacre at Sandy Hook School, at Newtown, Connecticut has made many people, including the President of the United States think about why such event has happened and how such tragedy can be prevented in the future. Right away some people blame the killings on the proliferation of firearms. The killer used an assault […]

Eugenic Motives

If the much debated RH Bill becomes law, the Philippine government will distribute contraceptive substances and devices on a much wider scale especially to the poor people. In the 1920s Margaret Sanger began to advocate the use of contraceptives especially for the poor people. In her case she did not conceal the real motive behind […]

Victory or Defeat

December 13, 2012 is a historic day for the Filipinos. In the wee hours of the morning, the Philippine House of Representatives approved the much debated Reproductive Health Bill. Many Catholics perceive the event as a defeat of their cause and their efforts aimed at the non-passage of the bill. But perhaps it is not […]