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Wanted: Good Leaders

Now that the people of the United States of America are getting excited over the presidential candidates’ debates and the coming elections I thought about our own situation in the Philippines as far as leadership of the nation is concerned. I wrote a letter to the editor about this topic some months ago. Here it […]

Choice and Choices

My previous post that I entitled “The Poor Children” was published by the Philippine Daily Inquirer on October 12, 2012. Several comments about it appeared in the website of the Inquirer. But I received one directly to my email. Here it is: “Just read your article on the subject. Let’s admit Kesz is an exception […]

The Poor Children

In its October 7, 2012 editorial “Give the kids a chance”, the Inquirer once more made its case for the passage of the Reproductive Health Bill. This time it presented the case of Kesz Valdez, the recipient of the International Children’s Peace Prize. Kesz’ story is a truly moving one of how a child who […]