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Standard and Standards: or Why there can be only one moral truth

I wish to make a few remarks about Fr. Joaquin Bernas’ column “About comments on my columns and blog”. In this article Fr. Bernas defended his position regarding the RH Bill that he has been advocating in his previous articles especially the one entitled “Conversing with a Bishop”. He explained further his point of view […]

Reputation and Validity: or Why being famous doesn’t mean you’re right

I received the following email from a retired UP professor: UP economists and the RH bill An important role — in fact, a social responsibility — of natural and social scientists is to help politicians to make useful policy decisions. One way is to actively participate in debates on national issues, and be able to […]

The Absolute and the Relative: or a Response to Conversing with a Bishop

In his article “Conversing with a Bishop” Fr. Joaquin Bernas brought up three “points for dialogue”. The way I understood his article it would seem that he simply argued against those points presented by Bishop Gabriel Reyes. My purpose here is to bring out the implications of his arguments. Fr. Bernas wrote:  “First, on easy […]

Playing with Demographics

I sent this letter to the Philippine Daily Inquirer July, 2011. One can frequently read about people praising countries like China who have been successful in enforcing their population control programs. One example is Conrado de Quiros who in his May 19, 2011 column talks about China’s one-child policy as a “formidable proof of success” […]

Dark and Light

This is my reaction to a column in the Inquirer. In his August 23, 2012 column entitled “Dark Ages” Mr. Conrado de Quiros painted a picture of the Dark Ages and of the present, which he claims to be similar, but both of which are inaccurate from the realistic point of view. He claims that […]

Exercises in Logic

When I was a student of Logic, the exercises I liked the most were those where you have to detect the fallacy involved in the process of argumentation. I recalled such exercises when I read an Inquirer editorial. It led me to write this letter. Dear Sir: Upon reading the August 20 editorial of Inquirer […]