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I wrote this letter to the Editor. It deals with AIDS, condoms, and contraception. Dear Sir: I wish to make a clarification. In the August 6, 2012 editorial of the Inquirer, the author challenged the “absolutist view of contraception” by citing Pope Benedict XVI himself. The article stated, “The absolutist view of contraception was forever […]

Reproductive Health and Human Rights

On July 31, 2012 the Inquirer published a letter I wrote about the Reproductive Health Bill also renamed the Responsible Parenthood Bill.Thirteen days later the Inquirer published a letter written by Mr. Joshua Young responding to my letter. You can easily find that response in the Internet. I emailed to him the following letter to […]

What’s the Big Difference: or Why Contraception is Evil

Almost two years ago I sent this letter to the editor of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. At the time the debates on the Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippine Congress were very active. Dear Sir: I have heard many people say that they do not see the difference between the natural family planning method that […]

Hello world!

I’m Father Cecilio Magsino, a Catholic priest working in the Philippines. I belong to the Opus Dei Prelature. I sometimes write letters to the editor of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Some of them get printed. You can find them in the Internet. But some of them do not see print. I would like to share […]