Here’s a letter to the Inquirer that provoked negative feedback (as usual). One person claimed he divorced and is now happily married. Anyway, the letter set off some people thinking about what we can do to protect marriage and help people with their marriage. LEGALIZING DIVORCE Philippine Daily Inquirer 8 Aug 2017 The Inquirer reported […]

For the first time I got not too hostile comments in the on-line version of this letter to the editor of the Inquirer. The sad thing though is that they all agree that Filipino drivers are discourteous and undisciplined. Looks like we have a long way to go here. This letter appeared in the July […]

Last May 29, the Inquirer printed a letter I sent the editors. As usual, they reserve for themselves the right to give it a title. For this letter they chose quite a provocative title: “2013 UNAIDS report lacks scientific basis”. One reader made this comment: that’s a lie. The report has cited many scientific papers […]

This letter appeared in the March 21, 2017 issue of the Inquirer. I wish to commend the Inquirer for its March 7 editorial titled “Humane work.” It was an excellent defense of the lives of those who unfortunately have been addicted to illegal drugs. Its observation—that “given the chance, drug users can be rehabilitated”—is very […]

This letter was printed in the February 21, 2016 issue of the Inquirer: Our lawmakers are currently debating on whether to reimpose the death penalty or not. Pro-reimposition proponents argue that the death penalty deters the commission of crimes. But if Fyodor Dostoyevsky were alive today he would probably say that our lawmakers are very […]

This letter to the editor appeared in the January 23, 2016 issue of the Inquirer. This refers to the Inquirer’s Jan. 14 editorial (“Freedom of Informed Choice,” Opinion) which lauds President Duterte’s executive order directing certain government departments to implement the Reproductive Health Act. It also mentioned the Catholic Church as opposing the passing of […]

I would like to make a commentary on the December 1, 2016 Inquirer editorial “26 New HIV Cases daily”. The article stated: “The Catholic Church shares the responsibility for abetting the HIV/AIDS crisis, with its continued condemnation of condom use because — as its bishops have said repeatedly, the prophylactic might be used by couples […]